Simplified Survey

Capture data easily with our drones, at times that suit
you and your team. We can upload to the cloud for
viewing anywhere in the world.

Time & Cost Saving

Get results faster than ever before. Our solutions are
costless compared to traditional survey methods, but
with the same high accuracy you can rely on.


Boost the efficiency of your surveys by spending less
time in the field and saving operational costs.

Performance Monitoring

Your data is available sooner, and can be shared with
project stakeholders anywhere in the world for better
communication and collaboration, and Planning.


Ensure you reach your standard of accuracy with our
quality report, practical and detailed editing tools,
ground control points, checkpoints, and RTK drone

Updated & Timely

Don’t get caught with out-of-date information. Thanks
to a simple workflow and easily repeatable data capture,
maps and models can be updated as often as required.

What is Photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry is used in fields such as topographic mapping, architecture, engineering, manufacturing, quality control, police investigation, cultural heritage, and geology.  Archaeologists use it to quickly produce plans of large or complex sites, and meteorologists use it to determine the wind speed of tornadoes when objective weather data cannot be obtained.

Although photogrammetry has been around since the birth of photography, recent years have seen a massive leap in it capabilities due to advances in technology, and ground positioning systems.  With drone work it is possible to take thousands of very high quality images, each with geotag data showing orientation, height, acceleration, direction, and time the image was taken.  Thus, the layered images assembled in a specific way can produce a highly accurate and powerful 3 dimensional  model of your subject.  From this a huge array of relevant detail can be created in the form of CAD files, maps, contours, etc.

With the use of RTK systems (OSGB1936) never before has such visual representation been so fast to produce and yet so accurate .   Adding Ground Control Points (GCPs) to the 3D Model creates unprecedented accuracy to within a couple of centimetres.

Drone Survey Scope

Unlike traditional methods of survey, it is not just the lay of the land being measured.   The same data set gathered by the drones can show far more than traditional means.   Ground depressions, run off, waste pile architecture and size, topographical data, and so much more can be presented for effective planning and information sharing throughout your operation.

If used regularly and using the same flight patterns, a fully itemised inventory of hardware on the ground can be taken, and progress can be strictly monitored and reported.  The low cost of Drone Survey verses traditional survey methods means you can gain the data on more occasions at the same or less expense, thus,  having up to date information at your fingertips when ever it is needed. 

We offer scaled activity based on your individual site needs.  A full and accurate survey may be required once at the beginning of a project, half way through, and at the end.  With our services you can scale the accuracy and scope of each visit from the very detailed full survey, to a faster cheaper flight regime covering progress reporting, Inventory, Stock pile analysis, and waste disposal calculation, thus, making sure you have all the detail you require when you require it, and can control your budgets based on need.

Speed and Accuracy.

Accuracy is all important when it comes to ground survey and site management.  With the use of RTK systems drone survey has been proven to be as accurate as traditional means.  Ground Control points are plotted by our operators using RTK based OSGB1936 Ground Control so the entire point cloud of the site is accurate to within your normal tolerances. 

More so the accuracy portion of activity can be scaled to your requirements.  For asset management and progress monitoring there is less need for 10mm accuracy, and thus surveys can be done more quickly,  at less cost than the full survey option.  This allows our clients to gain what they want, when they want, and save money where they can.  Flexibility, and scale ability are major strengths within drone survey.


A wide range of deliverable information is made available.  DEM Maps show elevation change in incredible detail, run off and depressions are clear to see using colour ramps.  DXF Files can be presented a day or so after the flight so the site can be added to your CAD packages.

Point cloud and orthomosiac images are produced to give you a highly accurate view from the air of your site, with the ability to measure distance, area, and volume.  Point clouds and 3d models are made available to measure height, distance, angle, volume, and more.  If you are using us to monitor progress, the imagery can be layered to give you a true sense of what is happening on the ground.

Benefits of Using Drone Surveys

It is fair to say that many people out in the real world believe they know what drones are used for.  Most think of promotion video, real estate agencies etc.  Drone services can be so much more than that, and in the world of construction, land management, agriculture and architecture there is so much to gain from the humble drone.  Here is a brief summary of benefits to using drones in your ongoing projects:

  • Surveys are conducted 85% faster than manual traditional survey types.
  • Accuracy is to normal 10mm tolerances when needed.
  • Drones are airborne, so disruption to your working sites is negligible. 
  • Drone surveys cover many different aspects of site management and can therefore be scaled to your requirement.
  • Most sites requiring survey can be covered in a day rather than several. 
  • The deliverable’s are bespoke to your needs.
  • Deliverable’s are available in days not weeks. 
On-site Time

2 Hours

# of Photos



.75 cm

Scan Types


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