What We Believe

We at Dragoneye believe in creative thinking, strong solutions, and providing our clients with the best possible data available.  We Want to take your promotional activity, images, video, or mapping to a whole new level. Reducing your costs and providing true value for money.  In short we want to be your creative partner, not just another supplier of a service.

Don’t Stop at Imagery

It is now possible to use UAV captured data to very accurately model environments, gain measurement, volume, and topographical data within minutes and hours, not days and weeks.  Dragoneye wants to help shed your survey costs, and streamline your business.

What is a PfCO?

PfCO (or Permission for Commercial Operation) is what you need to operate a drone commercially in UK airspace.  It is in fact illegal to fly a UAV or Drone in the UK for commercial reasons if you don’t possess one.  Therefore, using aerial photography, or images obtained by none accredited pilots, creates liability to fines or prosecution by the CAA.  This is to ensure public safety as a PfCO pilot adheres to a strict set of rules set out in their Operations Manual, which is a legal document produced by the operator.


CAA Approved & Accredited PfCO UAV operation, taking the essential steps to assure safe execution of your requirements, from risk assessment, through to post operational briefing... Dragoneye has you covered.

Efficient & Cost Affective

The perfect combination of personnel, hardware, and software combine to give you the creative freedoms you are looking for on your projects. Our knowledge, experience, and capabilities go hand in hand with your desired outcome.

Helpful & Flexible

Whether it be promotional videography , dynamic still photography, or detailed mapping and surveying, our team will always be on hand to discuss best options, & practises. Ensuring your needs are met, and your creativity protected.

Outstanding Quality

Through using the right team of people, the right hardware, and post processing expertise we strive for outstanding quality in our work. Shooting photos in 4k resolution and video being produced at film making 5k+ quality we ensure the best for our clients.